Bill Bourne - 'Hummingbird'
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'Hummingbird' - an instrumental album
...a part of the life-long journey of discovery with a special guitar...

The immortal tones of this '69 Gibson Hummingbird guitar were discovered in an appliance store on Jasper Avenue in Edmonton, Canada, in September of 1971. I had been looking at another Hummingbird in a music store down the street, but when i tried this '69 i immediately fell in LOVE! What a gift to find this very special guitar - in a store that sold fridges and stoves called Aldi's Music and Appliances!

The Hummingbird is now 48 years old, but it sounds as good as ever and still plays effortlessly and in tune, as it always has. Thousands and thousands of hours i have explored the fretboard as the tones and spirit inspired me ever onward in the potent and beautiful energy of music.

The Hummingbird showed me doorways to knowledge and learning that are far beyond music - if that's even possible. And yet it remains, still to this day, as a real object in a very physical world, that always inspires! It's priceless, really. This Hummingbird has a truly immortal sound - it may look like just another old guitar - but when you pick it up and begin to pick out some notes...

This CD was inspired by the special sound of my (for now) 1969 Hummingbird guitar. I truly hope you enjoy the ride!

Love always - Bill

Hummingbird - 'the guitar as a story teller'

Track List

1. Hummingbird - 4:41 - features 1969 Gibson Hummingbird guitar and unknown vintage A.P. Restivo classical
2. Defenders of The Mother - 3:36 - features unknown vintage (1920s?) Gretsch American tenor banjo
3. Lost Babies - 4:47 - features 2008 Squire Bullet electric guitar, 1969 Tiesco slide and 2002 La Patrie classical
4. Winter Light - 3:10 - features 1981 Martin D-28 guitar and unknown vintage A.P. Restivo classical guitar.
5. Cartel Robbery - 5:05 - features 2002 Gibson Les Paul Traditional guitar and 2002 La Patrie classical
6. Air Water Sun Land - 3:16 - features the La Patrie classical guitar
7. Castle of Drum - 5:40 - features Gretsch American tenor banjo and La Patrie classical guitar
8. Amazing Grace - 2:28 - features 1969 Tiesco slide, Gibson Hummingbird, Martin D-28 and La Patrie
9. Humble Soul - 7:43 - features Squire Bullet electric guitar and La Patrie classical guitar
10. Revolution of Love - 4:15 - features A.P. Restivo classical and 1981 Martin D-28

'Hummingbird' was performed and recorded at the Universal Healing Frequency of A-432

All music composed by Bill Bourne except 'Amazing Grace' - traditional.
All instruments played by Bill Bourne.
Recorded by El Jo-Jo Rynde at The Kiva Studio, Edmonton, Canada from October 2014 to October 2016
Mixed and Mastered by Harry Gregg, October 2016, at Riverdale Recorders, Edmonton, Canada

Compositions Copyright © 2017 Free Radio Music - all rights reserved - SOCAN
This recording Copyright © 2017 Bill Bourne - all rights reserved

For more information please contact:
Free Radio Music, Box 40029, 10025-106 St, Edmonton, AB, Canada T5J 4M9
Ph. 780 288 6135 or Email: bill (at)

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We're offering this CD free of charge to honour the 'Spirit of Generosity' among all human beings.

Music is a priceless gift. Music has given so much to me i've always felt it would be best if i could give my music away. i am offering 'Hummingbird' to all for free so that if someone can't afford to buy it, it is still available to them. I really do feel that this is important - there are far too many in this world as it has been, who cannot afford much at all. Artists receive so much for free from their art form, how can we insist that people must always pay for our creations!

Payment for Hummingbird is an option and YOU set the price!

This recording was a labour of love that took many thousands of hours of practice and learning over 40 years of making music professionally. It took many hours of work to record - and cost plenty of cold hard cash to record and mix. Pay as little as $0 or as much as $20 or $100 - or $1000 if you like - there is no maximum limit. Music is priceless!
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Since 1990, Bill Bourne has been nominated for 8 Juno Awards and has won 3 Juno's.
A summary follows:

1990 - Bourne & MacLeod - "Dance and Celebrate" ***
1992 - Bourne & MacLeod - "Moonlight Dancer"
1993 - Various Artists - "Saturday Night Blues" ***
1996 - Bill Bourne & Shannon Johnson - "Victory Train"
1997 - Bourne, Schuld, Stammer - "No Special Rider"
1998 - Bill Bourne - "Sally's Dream"
2000 - Tri-Continental - "Tri-Continental" ***
2003 - Bill Bourne - "Voodoo King"
(*** indicates a Juno Award Winning Recording)



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