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The members of Trancescapes view free and open improvisation as an authentic connection to the holistic nature of music for meditation.
Like great jazz or blues, free improv must be recorded 'live off the floor', and the session that became Trancescapes debut album 'Gaia Sadhana' captured the special journey of discovery taken by seven inspired musicians, performing all organic instruments in a real time meditative musical experience.

Trancescapes is:

Bill Bourne - guitars, stomp, mammoth elephant drone & vocal
Miguel Ferrer - percussion
Shannon Hambler - whole hoe-handle & mammoth elephant drones
Izumi Kurybayashi - violin & vocal
Bria Lizotte - Tibetan singing bowl & vocal
Dr. Kevin Sisk - C1 & baba louis drones
Lisi Sommer - stag head drone & vocal

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