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The Children Are Our Teachers

We may all understand what peace and true happiness is. It's the way you may have felt at the best moments when you were a small child lost in innocent play. That understanding helps us define our creative vision of an abundant and safe world. Our clear vision of how that peaceful world feels, with abundance for everyone and no fear anywhere - is a powerful force that helps to create such a world.

All children are our teachers. Children living in peace are a powerful inspiration. Children living in poverty are our teachers too - because of them, we can see we have more to learn about looking after our children.

We know about the children. We know many children die every day on this earth from preventable causes. We all want to help. We all feel there must be a way to end this tragedy. If we live in a small village and our neighbor's children are in trouble, we become very concerned and try to find a way to end the problem. Nothing is more important to us. Today, we live in a global village. We hear that our neighbor's children are suffering. We want to make a change that will end this trouble. Nothing is more important to us. This plan exists to help us to change now, and to make happiness and peace the reality for all children everywhere.

A 500 Year Plan For Peace

1. To support our quality of life: Foster the development of creative, sustainable, efficient and pollution free, peaceful and harmonious communities.

2. To support the recognition of wise conduct: Foster the development of 'Honorable Ancestors'.

3. To support our living environment: Foster the development of 'zero pollution' of the environment.

4. To support equality: Foster the development of publicly funded education, health and dental care, and public transportation.

5. To support efficiency: Foster the development of sustainable housing that is built, maintained and evolved to the best advantage of modern technology, to remain standing and livable for an indefinite time period.

6. To support justice: Foster the development of zero violence, both in mankind and in nature.

7. To support peace: Foster the development of turning the destructive and wasteful energy of war and aggression into education: education that helps people help themselves and targets the eradication of fear, ignorance and poverty throughout the world.

8. To support personal well being: Foster the development of service to goodwill, openness, fairness and celebration.

9. To support freedom: Foster the development of open book government and equal and effective democratic process.

10. To support our humanity: Foster the development of diverse creativity and pure commerce, while respecting and honouring humanity's diverse cultural perspectives.

500 Year Plan
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This Is An Open Citizen Forum

To contribute your points and ideas to the plan, please contact the above address.

An example of a contributing idea:

Health Care - Treat the Cause of Disease

Ill health has 2 primary causes - pollution and parasites. Pollution from food, water and air can weaken the physical body and allow parasites to make us sick. This fact is recognized in the holistic health field, yet oddly, it is not emphasized by the medical establishment.

1. Good nutrition from 100% pollution free food is the fundamental power that builds strong and healthy people.
2. To severely reduce health care costs, governments can legislate zero tolerance pollution of our environment. A pristine environment equals a clean food, water and air supply - equals a strong, healthy and happy population.
3. Fully integrate the advances of modern medicine with the time tested healing methods of holistic medicine, utilizing the strengths of each discipline to improve our health care and to reduce our health care costs.
4. To speed recovery and reduce hospital occupancy: ensure that hospital patients have the very highest quality of clean (pollution free) and nutritious food, specifically tailored to the healing of each individual.
5. Elementary education may begin with the concept that good health is our own responsibility, rather than the responsibility of our doctor.
6. Elementary education may provide children with the awareness that clean food and good nutrition is a basic human right and is the basis of a healthy and productive life.
7. The development of a creative, sustainable, efficient and pollution free, peaceful and harmonious community is the path to reduced health care costs and a positive minded, healthy and productive population.

An example of a contributing idea:

Industrial and Domestic Drainage - Ecological Section

1. All waste water from human activity shall be retained in a septic tank or covered pond.
2. Only 100% CLEAN WATER will be returned from the pond to the environment.
3. All substances removed from the clean water are dealt with and utilized and rendered ecologically beneficial.
4. Methane gas can be collected from the pond and stored for winter heating fuel.
5. The pond itself may also be used as a heat source for winter heating by the installation of heat exchangers.
6. Certain refined household garbage may be used as food to help create additional heat and methane gas output from septic ponds.
7. The installation of a greenhouse on top of a pond is a good method to utilize this heat source.

What's the plan?

The objectives of the 500 Year Plan are:


The ultimate goal of the 500 year plan is to foster the creation of a sustainable, healthy and happy world where all inhabitants are educated, have open access to all their necessities, and are healthy, peaceful, productive, optimistic and creative human beings, living on the earth in harmony with nature.


1. to erect a large public plaque containing the first 10 most relevant objectives or action items of the 500 Year Plan. These 10 points might be chosen by public voting and could be subject to updates. The plaque will also contain the office location's street address, the mailing address and internet address, and the telephone number of the office of the 500 Year Plan, so people can freely access the plan.

This large (est. 10 feet high by 6 feet wide) metal plaque might read as above.

2. to secure and maintain a public office and web site where people may input their ideas for the 500 year plan. All input may be filed electronically and a library of printed copies of the ideas may be maintained.

3. respect the public right to open public discourse with the 500 Year Plan, and respect the public right to access freely the record of ideas and objectives of the 500 Year Plan.

4. publish the 'Annual Journal of the 500 Year Plan', which may include a compilation of the public input from the past year.

5. the points, ideas, action items, objectives etc. - of the 500 Year Plan may or may not be binding in law. They are ideas to inspire free public action.

The Beach House 500 Year Plan

The Art of Community

Building a strong, creative and peaceful community with vision and sustainability may be asserted positively by the public awareness of the existence of a 500 year plan.


Aysha Wills - photo by Shane Wills

In personal terms, it conveys a sense of meaning in ones life when one imagines his or her children and grandchildren inheriting not only healthy cities and land in the days of their lives, but also inheriting a legacy of their grand parents' wisdom for preserving the community by their positive conduct.

An example of an inspiring and powerful action that is attainable and supports sustainable communities might be 'a regulation passed by government that prohibits the demolition of any structure, except for reasons of physical structural integrity (or damage e.g. fire, sinking footings etc.)'. This implies that the structures that currently exist will be preserved and refined and evolved according to the advancement of technology. The result is a culture of efficient and conservation minded individuals; a climate of sound investment in real estate and structures, not subject to wild speculation; the handwork of our ancestors existing in our lives; and best of all, beautiful deluxe accomadations and public spaces, overflowing with the life of our esteemed and thoughtful forebears as it exists in the physical art of our communities.

The public awareness of this possibility, of the existence of a community model built on the art of efficiency and ingenuity, will motivate people to work toward its existence. The result of that work is a community in unity with peace - a priveledged place to live and work and be creative.

The paradigm of the vision of the 500 year plan comes from a position of true power because of its intention to create harmonious communities. To all peoples everywhere, this intent inspires motivation to become active in its implementation. Positions of power embracing the intention of goodwill to all in the community are positively charged and karmically unstoppable.

1. Foster the development of honorable ancestors.

The development of honorable ancestors is a concept designed to advance human thought beyond the paradigm of ones own lifetime. This progressive thinking brings with it by necessity, a thought paradigm that innately seeks creative and forward thinking ideas that sustain our communities, and result in the advancement of the quality of life for the present generation as well as future generations.

The Beach House is dedicated to the arts, and as such, its primary focus is to foster the development of honorable ancestors through artistic expression of all kinds including: music, visual art, writing, dance, architecture, and sculpture.

Definition of Honorable Ancestors

Honorable ancestors are those people who have contributed to the well being, sustainability, and health of their community, by direct action in a peaceful and nurturing way. The Beach House will keep record of all volunteered information that documents such contributions, for recognition by future generations.

2. Foster the development of the artistic community.

The Beach House exists to support artists of all kinds. As such, The Beach House supports a tax exemption for self employed artists earning less than $30,000.00 annually. Artists are one of a communities most valuable assets, because the innate cutting edge awareness of art, if honored by the community, will aid the community in following a path that leads to harmony and sustainability. Financial support of artists through tax exemption attracts artists to the community, contributing to the long term health and quality of life of all residents in any community.

The fine arts are an ideal vehicle through which to foster the development of honorable ancestors. Artistic expression is the cutting edge of human awareness, and The Beach House recognizes and promotes the forward thinking and enlightenment art has to offer. Special emphasis is placed on fostering a co-operative, creative environment in which to practice ones art. By embracing art and supporting artists, The Beach House acknowledges the innate value of art to the community at large.

3. Promote the value of art in the community. The world of Art is an insightful and organic phenomenon that in its most integris form, is a profound experience that communicates subconscious observations and visions, or dreams, to the community. A community connected to its artists becomes abundantly creative, and abundant with life.

The contributions of 'honorable ancestors' can be defined briefly as follows:

1. Foster the development of honorable ancestors by promoting responsible action towards the social, cultural, economic and ecological health of our planet. This action will be viewed as honorable by future generations, and will provide a precedent upon which to build and sustain a healthy and optimistic society going forward.
2. Foster the development of respect for nature and the natural world, recognizing that the earth and all life is sacred, and deserves the respect of human beings.
3. Foster the creation of a sustainable society that builds upon common sense ideas today, with the understanding that a sustainable society is holistic, healthy and of benefit to the common good of all.
4. Foster the respect of local communities - recognizing that local community is the place where lives are lived and a base from which all else grows - social, cultural, economic and ecological.
5. Foster the development of a sustainable, free and creative, capitalist economy, built on a solid, foundation of social justice, fairness, and cultural and ecological reverence.
6. Foster the recognition that privileged and affluent societies have an obligation to reach out and help those in less privileged positions, through education etc.

This active, ongoing process is viewed as a steady, community based energy, innately fused with the fundamental principle of creating a broader society of local communities where all residents are respected and honoured.

Bill Bourne
July 15, 2006
The Beach House
Edmonton, Canada

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