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Free Radio Music is a music publishing company situated in Edmonton, Canada, and is the publisher of Bill Bourne's song catalogue.

For information regarding Bill's songs and his award winning recordings, please contact:

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September 11, 2012 - Bill Bourne - 'Songs From A Gypsy Caravan' is released by Linus Entertainmant/Universal

May 2011 - Bill Bourne and The Free Radio Band - 'Bluesland' is released on Toronto indie label, Linus Records/Universal.

July 2009 - Bop Ensemble - 'Between Trains' os released on Cordova Bay Records/Fontana North/Universal

March 2007 - Bill Bourne's new CD, 'boon tang' is released on Cordova Bay Records/Fontana North/Universal.

March 2006 - Eivør Pálsdóttir wins 2 Danish Music Awards for her CD 'eivør' in the categories Best Vocalist of 2005 and Best Folk Album of 2005. The CD was produced by Bill Bourne and contains 2 of his songs, 'Only a Friend of Mine' & 'Where Are The Angels?'.

September 2004 - Tri-Continental releases their new CD 'Drifting', featuring 'Bluebird' (first published in 1997 on Blue Streak Records) and a new song, 'The Gift'. The CD was recorded 'live' in May, 2004, in Bremen, Germany. It's available in Europe from Tradition & Moderne and in Canada from Festival Distribution.

November 23, 2004 - Eivør Pálsdóttir releases her new disc 'eivør', in Scandinavia. Produced by Bill Bourne, the recording features 2 of Bill's newest songs - 'Only A Friend Of Mine' and 'Where Are The Angels?'. The recording has been nominated 'Best Pop Album of 2004' in Iceland. The recording will be released in Canada on March 3, distributed by Spirit River Distribution

December 14, 2004 - The Christmas Carol Project released in Canada on Spirit River Distribution. A 'live' recording that features 3 of Bill's songs: 'Bah Humbug', 'Grace' and 'Down On My Knees Old Jacob', the recording is the musical portion of Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol. In addition to Bill's performances, there are 16 more songs written and performed by Maria Dunn, Tom Roschkov, Al Brant, Kevin Cook, Terry Morison, Dale Ladouceur & Bill Hobson, with some brief narrative by Kenneth Brown.

June 2002 - Canadian Indie label Second Storey Records releases Bill's masterpiece, Voodoo King. The album is nominated for a Juno Award and turns heads wherever it is heard across the western hemisphere. Read reviews here.

Free Radio Music Catalogue

Deep Dark Woods
Forever Truly Bound
On The Sunny Side
Columbus Stockade Blues (trad.)
Who's Knockin'
Daily Bread
The Green River Girl
Flash Around the Globe
Change For Children
Only a Friend of Mine
Where Are The Angels?
The Gift
Hilfiger Heaven
Holy Holy
Voodoo King
The Ballad of Moses Jane
Which Way
Freeway Babe
Burning Candles
Little Flowers
Little Green Men
6 Billion (The Gathering)
The Road To Tokyo
The Hobo Sunny Blue
Here Is A Heart
Dear Madonna
Carnal Minded Men
Red Moon
Shinin' Mary and the Bad News Bears
Beer Belly Billy and Mary Lay Down
Gone Fishin'
Shuffa Bone Rhythm
The Mango Song
Miles of Dreams
Victory Train
Joey Marmalade's Farewell
Peace River
Like A Poor Boy
Your Amour Sitar
Nothin' To Do But Sing This Song
I'm Goin' Down South
Bah Humbug
Down on my Knees Old Jacob
The 20th Century Requiem
Sally's Dream
Blue Eyed Moggie
Summer At The Circus
Only A Fool
Seven Angels
The Wild Watusi
Long Gone Blues
Scarecrow Murders
Red Moon (instr)
Bill Miner
The Horseman
Stick 'em Up Baby
Give it to Me

Bill Bourne Songs Published by Peer Music

Dance The Night Away
Dance & Celebrate
The Turkey
I Love Jeanie
Around the Horn
Ole Buffalo
Lost on the Bayou
Trust in Love
The House
Tumblin' Down
Let The Children Rule
Oh Love
Moonlight Dancers
Ship of Fortune
The Circus Song
Roll River Roll
Home Sweet Home
Long John Silver

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