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photo by Francis A. Willey - 2005

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bill bourne

'Canadian Folk Shaman - Magical Mystery Bourne' - Kitchener/Waterloo Echo

"Bourne flows with this almost indescribable soul infused with a lonesome strain of blues... This man was put on this earth to play music." - Crossroads Magazine - Tuscon, AZ

Bill was raised in a musical family in rural Alberta. When he was 2 years old, he was known to sleep behind the piano at country dances. His parents played dance music in community halls in beautiful farming country. The love of nature and of music and of people gathering for celebration has been with him for his whole life.

Bill loves to collaborate with friends (musicians). His most recent collaboration is with his own band, The Free Radio Band, which includes his son Pat, Pa Joe, Moses Gregg and Miguel Ferrer. They have released a new recording in 2011 called Bluesland. In 2009 Bill recorded with Jasmine Ohlhauser and Wyckham Porteous in the band 'bop ensemble'. Previous to bop ensemble, Bill collaborated with Eivør Pálsdóttir from the Faroe Islands. He produced and performed on Eivør's third solo CD, 'eivør'. The recording won double at the Danish Music Awards Folk in 2006. Other collaborations: with Alan MacLeod, Shannon Johnson, Hans Staymer and Andreas Schuld, and Lester Quitzau & Madagascar Slim, as well as his solo projects, have all attained award status in Canada.

A multiple Canadian Juno Award winner, Bill has received international acclaim for his recordings and live performances. A mainstay on the international roots scene, life on the road is reflected in Bill's music - powerful rhythms and soulful songs, steeped in World Beat, Blues, Cajun, Celtic, Folk, Flamenco, Funk, Poetry and more...

- Beach House Arts Co-op

"Music is a dance; a happy heart. Music is the great teacher. The life in Music is its power of transcendence: Music is a healing force that benefits all living things."
- bill bourne


bill bourne - Reviews

...'stellar'...'ravaged poetry'...'mesmerizing'...'scat-charged'...'gritty'...'a veteran storyteller'...'performance art'... 'inimitable'...

- various sources


"He is a beautiful guitarist. When I heard him play, I said to myself, 'He's the one, he's the musician who will understand me.'"

Eivør Pálsdóttir - Gøta, Faroe Islands



"I always thought Bill Bourne should have starred with Gene Hackman and Clint Eastwood in 'The Unforgiven.' He's a goddamn movie star, I'd say, with that black top hat and card shark face.

More importantly, he is a 'shining light' in the 'North American' Folk Roots scene. He sings, plays guitar and writes with deep soul, and on the current musical landscape these talents constitute a revolutionary act of ART.

Listen to Bill Bourne; get Religion, brother and sister. This is the real thing".

Tom Russell
El Paso, Texas


Since 1990, Bill Bourne has been nominated for 8 Juno Awards and has won 3 Juno's.
A summary follows:

1990 - Bourne & MacLeod - "Dance and Celebrate" ***
1992 - Bourne & MacLeod - "Moonlight Dancer"
1993 - Various Artists - "Saturday Night Blues" ***
1996 - Bill Bourne & Shannon Johnson - "Victory Train"
1997 - Bourne, Schuld, Stammer - "No Special Rider"
1998 - Bill Bourne - "Sally's Dream"
2000 - Tri-Continental - "Tri-Continental" ***
2003 - Bill Bourne - "Voodoo King"
(*** indicates a Juno Award Winning Recording)



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