Bill Bourne - 'A Love Fandango'
New for 2020! Release Date November 3, 2020.
'Learn To Love' - high quality download offer
Please click here for more info - Bill Bourne on Bandcamp

Bill Bourne - 'RCI 533'
Bill's first recording from 1980 now available in digital format!
Mp3 and CD quality download offer Please click here for more info - RCI 533 CD Home Page


Bill Bourne - 'Hummingbird'
New indie instrumental release for 2017 FREE - mp3 - and/or CD quality download offer
Please click here for more info - Hummingbird CD Home Page


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'Voodoo King' - Now available online from True North Records

Download 2 free mp3 - 'Holy Holy' and 'Little Flowers'
plus lyrics and pics from the 'Voodoo King' CD 11.6MB


New from Linus Records: Bill Bourne - 'Songs From A Gypsy Caravan'
Hear tracks and/or buy CD or mp3

The Globe & Mail Review:

download lyrics_'Songs From A Gypsy Caravan'_8.5MB
Album cover and lyric jpg & pdf

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From Linus Records: Bill Bourne & The Free Radio Band - 'Bluesland'
hear tracks from 'Bluesland'


'Bluesland' Reviews...

"This, y'all, is most definitely country blues." - the FAME Review of 'Bluesland'
download FAME Review 204 kb

"(Bluesland) is a foray into the electric blues,
it's licks skipping hot out of the speakers with an impressive urgency"
- Bryan Birtles, Vue Weekly, Edmonton

"Recorded over three days last spring, this is tight and hot"
- John P. McLaughlin - The B.C. Province - Vancouver

"laced with an electric and youthful Rock & Roll infusion...
Bill has collaborated with some remarkably talented musician friends
for this new album resulting in a successful synergy of sound"
- Christine Falk - Suite 101

DVD includes live studio footage from the Bluesland sessions...

A 500 Year Plan for the CHILDREN

Connect with Bill on his Facebook Fan Page

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